Dec. 13th, 2010

  • 2:04 PM
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My brain is being very tricksy, lately. It's messing with me, via dreams. It's trying various different ways to keep me asleep.

The other day I woke up with the alarm, but dozed back off again, and dreamed that I was getting up and getting dressed - my brain's way of saying you don't need to worry about getting up because you're already doing it, shhh, go back to sleeeeep. It's tried this before. Sometimes it's successful. Fortunately, A woke me up, this time.

Last night I dreamed that I went to a bakery, and bought a load of cakes, including some particularly lovely cinnamon doughnuts, to take to a party. Then I dreamed that I woke up, and thought 'ooh, cinnamon doughnuts, what a good idea!', and on my way to work I went to a bakery and bought some.

I'm fairly sure I'm awake right now, if only because I don't have a cinnamon doughnut.


I was innocently playing on my computer on Sunday, while A played console games - and then I heard a familiar voice purring smart remarks laden with single-entendres. "Hello," I thought. "That's Vala!"

A was playing 'Uncharted 2', in which Claudia Black does indeed voice one of the characters, Chloe. And Chloe is enough like Vala to make the game much more entertaining for me. For instance, the main character asked to be left in prison rather than deal with her - he said it was safer. It was very Vala-and-Daniel-esque. Or this:

Chloe: The files are in his tent, and his tent is in the middle of the camp. It's like an armed compound, there are soldiers everywhere.
Nathan: Well, that's why it has to be an inside job. From someone they know and trust.
Chloe: Oh, okay, I see where this is going.
Nathan: I'll just need a diversion. You give me five minutes in that tent, that's all it'll take.
Chloe: Really, five minutes? Well, that's great, I won't even have to get my top off.
Nathan: Chloe, I was thinking more like an explosion.
Chloe: Or that... can be arranged.


I wish I had a cinnamon doughnut.


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