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Title: And Now Back To The Studio
Author: Pepper
Fandom(s): Stargate SG-1
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1227
Featured Character(s): The original SG-1. Ahem.
Pairing(s): Um, it's a surprise. Even to me. Rare (het) pairing, not one I've written before.
Summary: "This is Tina Chapel, reporting to you live... with the original SG-1!"
A/N: I have SO MANY IDEAS for this AU.

ETA: HOMG. One minor name change to the fic below, because I've just had a beyoootiful idea.

Reposted to LJ here.



Stargate ficlet )

ETA2: Work grumble moved to tidy up the fic part of this email, for GateFic Awards 2011 (whee!).

I think I see what the problem is.

  • May. 14th, 2010 at 10:59 PM
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When I first started reading fanfic... no, let me start further back.

When I first started writing down the fanfic that had been uncurling in my head since I first liked a story, it was rubbish. I shamelessly ripped off LoTR with my epic saga of Arwen Evenstar rewritten as a Mary Sue, riding around Middle Earth on a pony. I was twelve or thirteen. Heck, thinking about it, that wasn't my first fanfic, but it was certainly my first finished one, and I was very proud. I wrote it out neatly and gave it to my English teacher, and she was mightily impressed. I did pretty well in English. Later on, for my A'levels, I was asked to write a diary from the point of view of Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. That was where I started to learn about writing in English-that-was-not-my-accent.

When I first started reading online fanfic, it was mostly pretty terrible (ASIDE: ah,, those were the days! My tall, Canadian internet boyfriend... yes, I lived the cliché). It was trial and error, and the good stories were precious, I saved them all on floppy discs. I got used to the idea of fanfic as a natural progression of my own interests in reading, watching, and writing.

When I got into X-Men, I knew enough to go searching for fanfic for my pairing of choice. Being more critical by then, I almost gave up in despair before I found the good stuff - but eventually I did find it, and boy was it good.

By the time I got into Stargate, I had some methods for finding good fanfic, the most reliable of which was to look for anyone writing fic of vaguely the kind I want, follow their recs, find someone who wasn't completely unreadable, follow their recs, find someone decent, follow their recs, find someone even better...

So, this is what I think I've learned: the problem with some of these writers is that they've never found the good stuff. Leaving aside the issues inherent in reading fanfic of one's own work, they're not interested in reading fanfic of other people's work*, in fanfic for its own sake. And that's fine - their choice. But because of that, the only fanfic they'll encounter is the most immediately accessible to someone not familiar with finding good fanfic.

Really, I feel quite sorry for them. I honestly do. I've read things that would make their hair curl. I've found stories that blow the professional works on the shelves of my local bookstore clear out of the water - out there, free, gratis, for anyone to read. But to find them, to read those jewels, the reader has to fight Sturgeon's Law, and unless and until they've done that, all they're likely to see is the crap.

The books we buy are often better than a random selection of fanfic, but that's comparing apples and oranges: people rarely buy books by poking a pin into the list of all books published that month. If that's how they're examining fanfic, no wonder they think it's the Pits.


There you go, my tl;dr. [personal profile] thefourthvine put it much more succinctly in this post: Because, okay, yes, most fan fiction is crap, but so is most published fiction. (Anyone who wants to refute that has to read ten books selected by me first.)

* Unless it's published, like The Wide Sargasso Sea, but famously brilliant works do not a representative sample make.

We'll keep the red flag flying here

  • May. 13th, 2010 at 9:42 PM
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Today I thought I'd share with you a... curio, I suppose. A past memory; a book from my childhood.


Essential reading in the household I grew up in. )
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For the last three days, I've failed at my self-imposed project to blog every day for threeweeks, but life is kicking my ass at the moment. It's in fact particularly hectic today - must get the last few things done so this damn website can be launched - but I need a break.


Talking to [personal profile] rydra_wong yesterday, I was thinking about doing good (or sensible) things for the wrong (or strange) reasons. For instance, arm lifts - okay, I've not tried doing them yet, but I have less issues about lifting weights up in the air, above my face, than I do about doing press-up type exercises to strengthen my arms. At the moment, it's partly due to my right wrist (I have this thing that Doctor Internetz says may be a ganglian cyst, I need to get it looked at, it's not bad but it makes it less than fun trying to support my weight in Downward Dog), but really, I've always hated doing press-up type exercises, so that's just a convenient excuse.

Lifting weight above my head appeals far more to me, and that's not entirely unrelated to reading... Jane Austen? Georgette Heyer? one of those, when I was a teenager, and coming across instances of the Regency belles holding their arms up above their heads before entering the room, so the blood drained from their hands, leaving them pale and smooth. I used to copy the idea. Every now and then, the mood overtakes me again (not all the time; I'm not crazy!), and I stick my arms in the air. Not usually when other people are around, though. And, hey, the technique got me a brief hand modelling gig for SMA, so apparently it works. *g*

Another thing I do for a weird reason is give blood. Yes, yes, it's good to do, people need it, etc... You want to know why I do it? Robin Hood.

I was crazy about Robin Hood when I was younger. I wanted to be in his gang, and maybe to be his Marion, but not one of those girly Marions in a silly dress that got in the way, oh no. I wanted to be an expert with the bow and arrow, and I wanted a sword and a dagger and one of those green and brown outfits, and I wanted to be able to disappear like magic into the trees. Maybe I wanted to be Robin; it kind of depended on whether or not I liked boys that week. But anyway, in one of the most common versions of Robin's death, he's ill and goes to visit his cousin, an Abbess. She's secretly evil and in league with the Sheriff, though, and she persuades Robin that he needs to have some blood let. He falls asleep during the bloodletting, and she leaves him draining, until he's at death's door. Then Little John - who'd found out about the plot, somehow - breaks in, and Robin, dying in his arms, shoots one final arrow out of the window, hitting the Sheriff of Nottingham again. Where it landed, that's where he was buried.

Anyhow, it's very difficult to pretend to be Robin Hood on his deathbed when there are cheery nurses talking to you, trying to make sure you don't fall asleep, pass out, have a fit, etc. Nurses are so pragmatic.

Surely I'm not the only one who does this sort of thing...?

May. 7th, 2010

  • 9:36 AM
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So, a hung parliament. Not very surprising; I'm sort of pleased that, no matter how much the country wants Brown/Labour gone, it still can't bring itself to definitely vote Conservative. Of course, it sounds like this means the country is in deep doodoo until they call another election, at which point there's a good chance the Cons will get in... *sigh*

My constituency has remained a tiny island of red (Labour) in a sea of blue (Cons), one of those "safe" seats that would have been on the national news this morning if it had changed allegiance. Sadly, our neighbours to the west have gone from being a strongly Liberal Democrat area to voting Cons. There was only 176 votes in it, so there'll be a lot of Lib Dems from that area who are deeply unhappy about the step to the right. The outgoing Lib Dem MP was always taking a risk by being a Humanist, pro-choice, pro-animal testing, and a supporter of stem cell testing and voluntary euthanasia (er... not at the same time) in the middle of conservative, Conservative middle England. I don't agree with everything he stands for, but personally, if I was in the area, that wouldn't have prevented me from voting for him. Eesh.

I stayed up until 01:30 watching the alternative election night. Favourite quote (that I can remember): "Proportional representation. The easiest way to explain it... is to someone who's interested and already understands it." *g* I'm glad they didn't try to explain it to me last night, because I think my brain would have given out.

Also, I'm totally working on my crush on Professor Brian Cox, the "rockstar physicist". He's so smart and dreamy! *swoons* Someone should write a fic where he and Sam Carter meet, stat.


Brief guide for anyone wondering: of the three parties that have any chance of gaining power in this country, the Conservatives are right-wing, Labour are left-wing (supposedly), and Liberal Democrats are in the middle. Roughly speaking, at least.

Oh my god shut UP

  • May. 6th, 2010 at 10:54 AM
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Occasionally I talk in my sleep. A tells me that it's even possible to hold a (nonsensical) conversation with me, sometimes. Last night, we apparently had this conversation:

Me: "Can we just skip this?"

A, being his usual wakeful self. "Huh? Skip what?"

Me: "I don't want to risk having another liaison."

A: "....You're asleep, aren't you?"

Me: *affirmative noises, goes back to snoring*

I'm not sure what I find freakier, the fact that my subconscious is trying to sabotage my relationship, or the fact that I talk like a 1950s housewife in my sleep. Seriously, a "liaison"? Who even talks like that?

All I remember about my dreams last night is that a poltergeist was making my toothpaste glow, and that RDA lived next door (how he currently is – kind of too old for me, but still very cuddleable). I'm positive I didn't dream I was having liaisons with him. That, I would remember.

May. 5th, 2010

  • 9:46 PM
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Okey-dokey, Stargate season 2.

I was looking back through the season 2 recap discussions on [ profile] redial_the_gate recently, and it reminded me why this is one of my favourite seasons. They got more into the rhythm of the characters (Teal'c isn't so damn stoic all the time) and some of the longer-term ideas – there are fewer "three shots disintegrate!" moments. SG-1 are still young and innocent in the ways of the galaxy, and the Goa'uld are still ZOMG DANGEROUS!!! The number of people who know about the programme is still relatively sane (although getting worse). Battlestar Galactica hadn't yet come along to convince sci-fi programme makers that they had to be all gloom and angst in order to be taken seriously.

And, there are some awesomely crazy costumes.

Plus they still had some doozies to tick off on their Big List Of Genre Tropes. )

May. 4th, 2010

  • 10:03 PM
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I haven't much to add to today's histrionics, except that a) everyone should just link to this on the next iteration of this argument, and b) many years ago, I read a story that made a great impression on me, in a book of Sherlock Holmes parodies and pastiches. This was 'The Adventure of the Two Collaborators', by J.M. Barrie.

Barrie was a good friend of Conan Doyle, and they tried to write an operetta together - sadly for them, the thing was a flop. A little later, Barrie wrote 'The Adventure...' in the flyleaf of a book, which he presented to Conan Doyle. I have no doubt that Conan Doyle found it hilarious. It's very brief, and I highly recommend it as both a good Holmes parody and a brief insight into the Victorian literary world.

In bringing to a close the adventures of my friend Sherlock Holmes I am perforce reminded that he never, save on the occasion which, as you will now hear, brought his singular career to an end, consented to act in any mystery which was concerned with persons who made a livelihood by their pen.

"I am not particular about the people I mix among for business purposes," he would say, "but at literary characters I draw the line."

There is also a valuable lesson to be learned about gunning for the golden goose in the last, wise words of Mr Sherlock Holmes.

May. 3rd, 2010

  • 10:50 PM
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I have been working on some actual words, following the poll of indecisiveness (feel free to keep voting on that, btw), but it's taking longer than expected, so instead here are some pictures of cute critters I saw at the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

This one makes me laugh. A groundhog, I believe (I wish I'd labelled these properly at the time...)

More animal miscellany... )

Hey, wait, what...?

  • May. 2nd, 2010 at 5:43 PM
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Wow. I really don't know what to say. Someone's gifted me with six months of paid time! That's just... wow. I'm not very good at finding the right words to say thank you, but I feel a warm glow of "you like me, you really LIKE me!". Whoever it was, thank you so much! Is there anything I can do in return? Fic, action figure theatre, blogging on any subject... you name it.

While I'm offering, and since I'm not sure what else to write about for this three weeks thing...

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What I love about the Eleventh Doctor
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Stargate season 2
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Some places I have been
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My love for animation, let me show you it
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Brian Blessed, Tom Baker and other LOUD British actors
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That series of posts on funny women I've been vowing to write someday
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Sapphire and Steel: the creepiest show I've ever seen
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YA fantasy novels
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Clothes, or how I learned to stop worrying and love orange
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Horror movies
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The 'Can't Pay, Won't Pay' campaign
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Cheese-walnut-grapes flavour chocolate
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Something else you'll explain in comments
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Apr. 30th, 2010

  • 4:23 PM
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Okay, I really can't think of anything to post today (four days into posting every day and I run out of words, oy), so instead, I present this random ficlet that I wrote a year ago and never posted because I think it's a bit rubbish and OOC. Sorry.

I was thinking about RDA's feet, you see... )

Things I wonder about on my way to work

  • Apr. 29th, 2010 at 9:51 AM
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Does Jack know how to dance? Formal sort of dance, I mean - not getting down on the disco floor (god help us all). I've read fics where he does, and they're not all badfics - okay, the majority were, but not all. He's the same generation as my parents, who took themselves to dance classes at one point, as a sort of... thing that people do. But. I'm still having problems picturing it.

I wonder if the others know how to dance. Are there Jaffa formal dances?

Cut for disconnected wittering. )

Apr. 28th, 2010

  • 11:16 AM
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Had a delightful day yesterday, and thank you all so very much for all the good wishes and fics and such. :)

I had dinner at a pub with A. Grilled halloumi and red pepper salad, and potato wedges with cheese and mushrooms. Yum. I explained the Snog/Marry/Cliff game to him (you know, the one where you're given three characters and have to decide which you'd snog, which you'd marry, and which you'd push off a cliff). I set him a challenge, and it turns out he'd snog Toni Basil, marry Adam Ant (because they're both equally neurotic and Adam needs someone to look after him), and push Billy Idol off a cliff. Sorry, Billy, you just didn't rate in comparison.

I, on the other hand, was given three characters from Hustle. I decided I'd snog Stacie Monroe (because she's hot), marry Ash "Three Socks" Morgan (partly because he's sweet and extremely loyal and would make sure I was cared for if I got brain damage after stepping out in front of a car for a con that went tragically wrong, but mostly because I want to know the truth about that nickname), and push Mickey Bricks off a cliff (because he's the best con man around, and would already know I was going to do that, and would have worked out a brilliant plan for how to survive. Although he might take revenge, and then I'd be doomed. Hopefully he'd take pity when he realised I had no choice, and I was trying to protect the more vulnerable - than him - members of his team, and plus I'm now married to his best friend).

Damn you, America, and your watching of Leverage instead.

So, if anyone wants an informal game of Snog/Marry/Cliff, let me know - I'll give you three characters, or you can give me three, I don't mind which. I'm easy. :)


Apr. 27th, 2010

  • 9:24 AM
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Okay, in my case, this'll be three weeks for Dreamwidth minus the first day because I was still trying to work out what it was (it's about creating content exclusively for DW by posting something every day for three weeks... right?). Because I'm special. Right? I'm a special snowflake. *puts on Special Snowflake hat*


Not at work today, hoorah. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the day, yet, except that I'm going to make a Queen of Puddings - partly for the name, I have to admit, and partly because I've never had it and it looks fairly easy and tasty.

But mostly for the name.

ETA: Aha, [personal profile] yvi has explained it in terms simple enough for me to understand (*g*) - it's not about posting every day, but about the content staying exclusively on DW for three weeks after posting it. Okay, that makes sense!

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