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  • Nov. 24th, 2008 at 11:20 AM
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Watched Allegiance again last night. Because I can. I wonder how they decided who got to be the hero and shoot the bad guy in the end? I suppose Jacob got to have a scene where he counsels Jack about post-Abyss trauma. It tickled me how Bra'tac makes his eyes REALLY BIG when he's in the forest and straining all his senses to detect invisible bad guys. Also, I just stared at the scene where Jack is asking Jacob and Bra'tac to use their combined powers of awesomeness to keep the Jaffa and Tok'ra in line, and wondered how the film stock didn't spontaneously explode.

I haven't had a chance to use this icon in a while. I'm wondering whether signing up for a ficathon now is asking for trouble, or whether it'll kick my inspiration into gear. But I feel very bad - baaaaaaaaaaaaad - that I didn't finish two whole ficathons ([ profile] apocalypse_kree and [ profile] reel_sg1 – I'm so sorry, Jenn and Kellifer! I still have the stories wanting to be finished, but they may be a few years late! *is bad pepper*). I don't have any particular ficathon in mind. Well, except possibly the [ profile] sjficathon, but that's not until 2009. Not that 2009 is far away...

My weekend? Busy. There was family visiting, and then dealing with banks and utility companies (WHY would they assume that A and I have a joint account? Asshats), and then a birthday party (yay socialising!), and then Sunday brunch (yay more socialising! Yay fried eggs!), shopping, tidying, trying to fix some furniture, making lemon meringue pie, and... other stuff, I forget now. Anyhow, I feel like I've been out of the office for ages.

OMG I need to finish knitting that scarf. And I need to buy Christmas presents. And cards. And I need to design cards for my mum. And I need to... phone my temp agency and ask what holiday I've accumulated. Srsly.

LJ, what is this you keep doing with formatting? Stoppit.


  • Oct. 31st, 2008 at 8:03 PM
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I think we've skipped autumn and gone straight to winter. Brr. No fair; I love autumn. Today at work my toes were cold, my hands were cold, my nose was cold, and my back was cold (man I hate that), but all that was of no consequence because inside I was warm and smooshy from the wonderful [ profile] beanpot's anonymous love meme. Aw, peeps...! *gets teary*

Tonight for supper, the were-burger:
A is such a dork. ♥

Easy to please

  • Oct. 21st, 2008 at 6:23 PM
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There is someone at work who looks very much like Bra'tac. He even has the Van Dyck beard. Well, I guess he looks like Tony Amendola, as he doesn't actually wear robes or a little metal skullcap. He's a shortish, fairly tough-looking middle aged man, who would probably be totally confused if I gave into my impulse to give him a big grin. But it makes me quietly happy, every time I see him.

I need to decide whether or not to make a bead fringe for the scarf I'm knitting for my great-aunt. A point in favour is that it'll look pretty, a point against is that it'll be less practical. And I'm not sure if beads are to her taste. I have collected lots of beads (mostly from random necklaces or bracelets that I'll never wear, because I just don't wear that stuff any more). Still, whilst I'm deciding, I have pretty beads to look at. Pretty...

Okay, that's all my news for today. :)


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And, super-sekrit message to Jenn: thanks! I'm already nearly done writing this one, which hasn't been hellish at all. *shrugs*

Jul. 26th, 2007

  • 8:17 PM
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Yay! I have a job. Starting Monday, which is perfect for the continuation of rent-paying and such boring things, and it's the same job as before – PA - and at the same wage, and it should be an easy one to get into because it's at the same damn company. Well, that's embarrassing. It's a big company, see, and the temp agency I'm with work quite closely with them... Fortunately it's at a different office, but it still feels like being at a party and making a series of elaborate goodbyes, only to realise I've forgotten my coat when I step out the door. But hey, it's a good thing. I like the place.

In other news, I hope [profile] secretrebel and [personal profile] triskellian and family and friends in the flood area are okay. All fingers and toes crossed that this pre-apocalyptic weather will hurry up and stop trying to drown you.

And, [profile] vickyocean, sorry I disappeared so abruptly – my ISP had a temporary outage for repairs, which actually they had forewarned me about but I'd forgotten. It was late (or, technically, early morning) here, so I didn't hang around to see when it'd come back on.


Jun. 13th, 2007

  • 1:15 PM
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I haven't squeed about my course lately. Mainly because, for the last two lessons (which are once a week), our usual tutor was away. We had someone who claimed to be "just as knowledgeable". That may well have been the case, but his ability to communicate that knowledge was non-existent, so we spent the lessons pootling around with the programme. Which, y'know, is all well and good as a learning method (that's pretty much how I learnt Photoshop), but I have the programme downloaded onto my laptop at home. I can pootle in my spare time. Bah.

But anyhow, yesterday, Juan - the regular tutor - was back, and there was much rejoicing (in my brain, anyhow - the class is pretty quiet and subdued). We learnt about how to create a curve that can be rotated so you get something that's symmetrical, all the way around. I made a table lamp that lit up. *g*

I'm definitely getting to grips with the basics. And the good thing is, now I'm not moving house, I'm able to go in to the college during the summer, after the course has finished. Juan said we could just call him and ask if it was okay to use the computers. Whee! I'll definitely have to take him up on that, if I can get some free time.

In fannish news, I can't concentrate. I have lots of new shinies, and that's not a very good idea. There's the 

[profile] gateverse_remix that I must get done (once I've finished my 'research' - i.e. watching certain eps). There's the Sam/Daniel cutefest with [profile] abyssinia4077 that I want to write more for. There's a project me, [personal profile] geneeste, and [profile] vickyocean have tentatively started (I'm all about the collaboration, lately). And yesterday, [profile] vickyocean  mentioned a plot bunny to me, and now all I want to write is a Stargate western. Gah! Must. Concentrate. On. One. Thing. At. A. Time.

Oh, and I must must must email / phone my rl friend Vick. Because she emailed me ages ago and I didn't reply. Very bad me. Sorry, Vick, if you're reading this - I did get it, and I will reply! I swear! :)


Jun. 8th, 2007

  • 4:13 PM
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I haven't actually blathered on my lj much this week. I think I unnerved myself by tagging all the posts I felt were blather (i.e. the random thoughts in my head about green tea ice cream, the doors at work, my ankle itching, kitchen cupboard picnics...), and that tag being so damn huge in the little cloud to the left. But, heck, I do blather, and it doesn't seem to have put y'all off me yet, so...
This weekend I is mostly going to be going to Hen Night pt. 2: Revenge Of The Southern Comfort & Cranberry. I need to bring a dish, and I'm trying to think what. I don't really do savouries so much, but I do a mean line in sweet pastries. I might do Eccles cakes, Welsh cakes, something like that - all carefully nut-free, 'cause I don't want the bride-to-be to stop being able to breathe. And, ohh, maybe some Cheesy Marmite Twists (puff pastry, rolled out thin, cut into two equal-size pieces, spread with Marmite, sprinkled with grated cheese, sandwiched together, cut into strips, twisted like twisty things, and baked). They're quite partyish.
I have made myself a Good Omens icon. That book was the reason I chose this username, after all, so I thought I should. It's a bit of a boring icon, but it was a ten-minute job: I may play around with Photoshop some more this evening, I'm quite in the mood for sticking silly captions on photos.
Oh, have now seen Firehouse, and would mostly like to say... WTF? Whoa there a second, back that firetruck up a little and show me what HAPPENED TO MICHAEL, DAMMIT! Also, I totally thought that woman's policeman husband would turn out to be the sniper – all the stuff about wanting her barefoot and pregnant had me convinced he was a psycho. Eesh.
I have been trying to choose a fic (well, it's about time!) for my [profile] gateverse_remix, but it's not easy. Too much good stuff to choose from. On the other hand, reading through lots of lovely fic isn't exactly a hardship. Oh, and [profile] abyssinia4077  tells me I'm allowed to write Jack's lost year (post Stargate film, pre-COTG), as a reward for finishing my remix. *g* I haven't done angst in yonks. Funny, that used to be what I usually wrote, but when I came to Stargate, I gravitated towards the fluffier end of the spectrum.
I may have an Indian takeaway this evening. There's a lovely place near me that does a most excellent vegetable korma.
Okay, I'm done.  

Apr. 17th, 2007

  • 10:26 AM
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Apparently more of my RL people read this than I thought. That's a weird thought... Intellectually, I know that I've given this address to several people, and they're welcome to come and read up on me anytime. It's mostly Stargate stuff anyhow, which is probably OMG boring to them. Heh.

So, in the spirit of connecting with my RL friends... *waves* HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY, VICK! Hope the ankle (and the hangover, huh?) gets better soon. Good luck with the job stuff. I feel your pain. Have you looked on gumtree? I've not tried it myself (yet), but I've heard it's useful.

Oh, and in totally unrelated news, I completely love this new story by [profile] kellifer_fic: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon. It's Willow and Oz, set a few years in the future, and it's just perfect. I haven't watched Buffy for aaaages, but this really reminded me of everything I loved about the series, and about the two of them. It's funny, and wistful, and sad, and angsty, and it feels like there's a huge amount of history and plot, just beneath the surface, and she's got Willow and Oz pitch-perfect (“Now fate is just showing off,” hehehehehe), and... it's Willow and Oz! 

I am not going to look for more Willow/Oz fanfic, I am not going to look for more Willow/Oz fanfic, I am not going to look for more Willow/Oz fanfic, I am not going to look for more Willow/Oz fanfic, I am not going to look for more Willow/Oz fanfic, I am not going to look for more Willow/Oz fanfic, I am not going to look for more Willow/Oz fanfic...

Ignore this.

  • Mar. 14th, 2007 at 9:22 AM
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What? I said ignore it. This is just a post I've put up for my mum to contact me on whilst she's on hols. 

So go on, shoo.



Mar. 1st, 2007

  • 3:48 PM
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580 words on angsty space pirate apocafic yesterday - that's really not much, but at least it's chugging along. Am going to lock myself in a room with a caffeine drip and my laptop this weekend. After I've been shopping. And done the laundry. And tidied up a bit. Oh, and had pizza, of course. And gone to see my mum. And sat on A until he phones his cousin. Oh, and watched that DVD before I have to take it back. And... 


edit: Oh, nearly forgot - dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus! Happy St. David's Day! Leeks, daffs, and Bara Brith are in order.

  Cymru am byth!

Feb. 9th, 2007

  • 1:06 PM
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(Almost forgot:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] secretrebel!

I've been trying out Adobe ImageReady, and (naturally) did some Stargate things. They're too big to upload as icons (dammit), but I'm posting them anyhow... Use them if you want, credit, etc.

(From Serpent's Venom)

Pepper Field animatedPepper - Field 
(From Paradise Lost)

Jack O'Neill: Intergalactic Space HeroJack O'Neill: Intergalactic Space Hero 
(From Window Of Opportunity)

And, dammit, I realised I'd copied a line from one of Jojo's fics - totally unintentionally. I hadn't read the story in ages, but was just reading some of hers today, and in 'Delayed Reaction' Jack has a line about telling the truth to total strangers. Which I've totally copied in 'Actions Speak Louder'. Bollox. 

My brain has a huge capacity for retaining this stuff - precise lines from stories I read years ago - and it sometimes comes out in my fic. When I realise I've done it, I edit it out - but I guess I'm not always aware of doing it. Must Try Harder, next time. 

I seem to have a very visual memory for words. If I've seen something written down, I tend to remember it clearly, and for years. There are still lines from books I read as a child that pop into my head sometimes. But my auditory word-memory is crap. If someone says something to me, I forget it within moments. It's a real pain when my boss asks me to do something, and I've forgotten what it was by the time I get back to my desk. Hence why I prefer communicating via email.


edit: And I'm starting to wonder if I got the name of the Council leader from someone else, too. I just have this nagging feeling that I've heard it before. I may be wrong, but...


This is making me sad and annoyed at myself.


Boring whinge about work stuff

  • Feb. 1st, 2007 at 1:53 PM
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edit: w00t! Ages ago - so long ago that I'd practically forgotten about it - I ordered some Stargate action figures. Black Ops Jack turned up in time for Christmas, but Sam and Black Ops Teal'c hadn't been released yet (I did order Daniel, too, but he wasn't in stock - will have to look on Ebay). And just now I had a call from my dad, saying the postman has left a collection card for something too big to fit through the letterbox... 


Jan. 8th, 2007

  • 1:02 PM
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So we went to see 'Rock 'n' Roll' on Saturday, at the Duke of York theatre (freakishly small seats; I'm only 5'3 and my toes were crushed up against the balcony, so they'd be hell if you're tall). It was lovely, and also gave me a great sense of closure. 

Okay, Christmas, that'll do.

  • Dec. 19th, 2006 at 10:38 AM
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Bit tired of Christmas now. I was doing so well, too. I did the shopping, I saw the family (but unfortunately not enough of the friends), have wrapped the presents, put up the decorations, planned the meal... I've done a lot more this Christmas than I normally would, in fact (and, incidentally, my god but putting together a decent stocking is expensive!). But the Christmas spirit vanished abruptly yesterday when I heard Band Aid for the umpteenth time whilst queuing in Tesco. Whoosh.

Got it back a little by having dinner out with my dad. Delicious veggie burrito, nice french fries, and lovely, lovely chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert. Very friendly, pleasant staff. Dad needed cheering as has job worries, and I needed company as bf was out at his work Christmas party. Had a nice time - me and dad not naturally sociable, but do okay chatting to each other about life, the universe, and everything. Both feeling a little lonely, I think - me in temp job and not planning on staying long so didn't got to work Christmas do, miss friends from previous job, miss other friends who live far away. And brother, who lives with dad, has gone away on holiday with his girlfriend, so dad's not bothering with Christmas. He's never particularly bothered with celebrations of any kind, but I'm guessing it's still slightly uncheery to be not putting up Christmas decorations for the first time in at least 30 years as you're divorced and the kids have flown the nest.

Ugh. I'm depressing myself. And projecting, which is unfair to the paternal unit. He's probably perfectly content with himself and neurotic cat, no Christmas hassle.

Okay, sod this. Christmas making me depressed with thoughts of how it should be vs. how it is - stupidness, because I have nice life, overall. Don't have to have ultimate perfect Christmas.

Going to celebrate Winter Solstice instead. 22nd December this year. Am on holiday that day. May do something to celebrate - freeze ass off viewing sunrise, perhaps. Spectacular sunrise today - all ice blue and hazy purple (like my lj colours!) - so very, very cold but lovely. "I'm a sucker for mornings," as someone said.

Will cheer myself up until then by writing kissing fic, as per December challenge on sj_everyday.

And I have pink stars hung all over the place, getting in the way of my screen (but they're see-through, so not too badly in the way). All good.


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