pepper: Sam Carter and MacGyver (Mac/Sam)
Title: Get Your Motor Runnin'
Author: Pepper
Fandom(s): Stargate SG-1, MacGyver
Rating: R
Wordcount: 1013
Featured Character(s): Sam Carter, MacGyver
Pairing(s): Sam/Mac
Summary: Why do these things always happen to him?
A/N: *eyeroll at self*

(Note to Beth: yes, I will link this in [ profile] macgyverdeleted when I get home, and no, I'm still working on the Mac/Dr Gates one, so don't feel obliged to write that satin-jacket-DIAF fic just yet. *g*)


Mac wasn't entirely sure how they'd ended up in this position... )


pepper: Sam Carter and MacGyver (Mac/Sam)
Title: Islands In The Stream
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 3,985
Featured Character(s): Sam Carter, MacGyver
Pairing(s): Sam/Mac
Summary: Sam takes a little vacation with a like-minded genius.
A/N:  From six (!) of [profile] abyssinia4077 's LeapGate prompts - reposted here as one thing, as it's effectively one story (and it's also kind of a sequel to my ficlet Inspiration, which is NC-17 and was from a prompt from [personal profile] oxoniensis 's Porn Battle V.) What can I say: [personal profile] surreallis leaves these Sam/Mac prompts around, and I can't help myself. :)


Mac lay soaking in the sun... )
pepper: Sam Carter and MacGyver (Mac/Sam)
Title: Wake Me Up When The Skies Are Clearing
Author: Pepper
Rating: G
Shows: MacGyver, Stargate SG-1
Pairing(s): MacGyver/Sam Carter
Summary: These days, everyone had their ghosts.
A/N: Sooooort of from another of [personal profile] surreallis's prompts for [personal profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle – MacGyver/Sam Carter, library. Except there's no pr0n. This is not a sequel to 'Inspiration', my other Sam/Mac fic, but it's maybe... an AU of it. References to Point Of View. Oho yes.

Incidentally, I've made an executive decision, that in this and any other Sam Carter / MacGyver crossovers I might write, they exist in a world where, if Mac has a son, he's referred to as Sean (for those less familiar with the series, Mac has a son called Sean Angus Malloy, commonly known as SAM). Because, no.


Mac looked up as someone gasped. A blonde woman, long hair tied back into a slightly frayed plait, was staring fixedly at him. He pushed the book back into place on the shelf, and looked enquiringly at her. )
pepper: Sam Carter and MacGyver (Mac/Sam)
Woohoo! I posted - just in the nick of time - a commentfic for [personal profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle V. However, I had to cut several plotty bits - dammit - because of the limitation to comments. So here is the thing in full.

Title: Inspiration
Author: Pepper
Rating: NC-17 (duh)
Pairing(s): Sam Carter / Macgyver
Summary: Episode tag for Touchstone (Stargate), would you believe. Sam Carter and Mac have run into one another whilst trying to deal with some of the consequences of the weather device.
A/N: From Jenn's Macgyver/Stargate, Mac/Sam prompt, rain. Unbeta'd - I had to rush to get this done on time.

ETA: More beginning bit added, just because I can.

The air was unbearably hot and dry. But Sam wasn't minding so much at the moment. )

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