Apr. 25th, 2007

  • 11:17 AM
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Heh. I was just lj commenting to [personal profile] aoife_himeabout Edward Gorey, which prompted me to look him up on the interweb - and I found the perfect illustrative picture to go with my scary dream with the bears:

Hmm, what else can I warble on about today... I'm going to ask for Friday off. Shouldn't be a problem, boss is out anyhow, and I doubt he'll object to me TAKING MY 30th BIRTHDAY OFF. 

And I'm not freaking out about that. I'm not. (Well, perhaps a little bit...) Partly because I don't seem to have any time to freak out about it, what with the impending end of my temp work contract, the intensive cleaning of our flat (because we're moving in June and the landlords could theoretically showing our flat from, oh, this weekend), the friend's hen three-day-weekend I'm helping to organise (fun, don't get me wrong, but complicated), and... what else? Oh, my Maya animation course (yesterday, fun, crammed lots of learning in, I'd be allowed to go in and use their computers during the day, to practice, if only I wasn't at bloody work), er... oh, and probably some other stuff that's totally gone out of my head. Am v. tired.

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo for my 30th. The one I already had was for my 21st, and I designed it myself, and it was significant in a whole lot of ways, but mainly to remind me to live for the moment, and not worry about what my 80-year-old self will think of it all. This time (if I do it), I may get an om symbol. For various reasons. Mainly, it's meant a lot to me since the whole India trip, and it will serve as a reminder that a little wide-eyed, non-cynical spirituality is No Bad Thing, on occasion. I tend towards the cynically amused when it comes to anything vaguely New Age, but now and then I think I should let the attitude drop, and be a little more open. 

edit: YO! [personal profile] holdouttrout... You are/were watching season 9, weren't you? Or thereabouts? Only there is fun discussion about it on [profile] abyssinia4077's lj, she and I are at about the same point (Ripple Effect), and I saw you weren't on her flist, so thought I'd see if you were around / at that point. I'm enjoying talking about a show as it unfolds (well, on DVD) - as opposed to my usual situation of everyone else having seen it. The Cam love is evolving. There is talk of Teal'c. (Hope you don't mind me pimping this, [profile] abyssinia4077? I feel like I'm trying to matchmake. *g*)

Apr. 23rd, 2007

  • 3:36 PM
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Woohoo, meme-age! Because I am skating the crazy highs and lows of PMT, and can't cope with real life at the moment (I love you all! *cries* Everyone hates me! *hides* I want to sleep! *cleans tops of kitchen cupboards*).

And I will name you 3 interests from your list, and 3 userpics and you explain them in your own post asking the same of your flisters.

Thanks to [personal profile] rowan_d, (and I'm curious, rowan - which interests in particular do we have in common? edit: duh, just checked your interests, and yeah! *may go put Tennessee Williams on own interest list, actually*), who asked: 

Jan. 5th, 2007

  • 2:57 PM
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Ugh. I think it's a January thing, but I can't seem to do much at the moment. If I focus really hard I can just about do the getting-up-and-coming-to-work thing, but that's about it. Darn the need to pay rent / bills, otherwise I'd stay home and hibernate. I have an idea for a fic in my head, but I can't seem to lever it out of there. I think it needs time to ferment.

Time to take the decorations down tonight - Twelfth Night. As my Twelfth Night celebration I'm going to the West End tomorrow to have dinner and see a play. Looking online for restaurants in town, this morning. Aubergine Bake and Mushroom Ravioli seem to be the new Vegetable Curry and Vegetable Lasagna, i.e. they're the ubiquitous, uninteresting vegetarian option at restaurants that can't be arsed. Annoying.

It's not like creating a decent vegetarian option would exclude a restaurant's meat-eating clientele - if they did something interesting, there's plenty of carnivores out there broadminded enough to try it. Grr.

It's a hard life, eh? :)

Okay, stop grumbling. Think of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, etc.



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