Two ficlets for archiving (both gen, PG)

  • Mar. 17th, 2009 at 11:07 PM
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Just getting around to archiving these comment fics...

And We're Walking!
(Written for [ profile] annienau08, posted here.)

Walter was instantly suspicious... )


The Magic Of Myth
(Written for [ profile] aurora_novarum, posted here.)

"Do you not see it, O'Neill?" )

Jun. 25th, 2007

  • 1:20 PM
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I have nothing fannish to say. *g* Oh, except that I've made a post that will stay on the top of the page, with links to all my fic. I've seen this done on several journals, and it seemed like a good idea. I think I've got all the links correct...

edit: Just remembered! I've put links in the above-mentioned post to the Christmas party reel comment fic by [personal profile] crazedturkey, [personal profile] holdouttrout, [profile] sjfan, [profile] linnet_101, and [profile] niamaea - I hope that's okay with you guys? If it's a problem, let me know ([personal profile] crazedturkey in particular, 'cause I linked to the fic you posted in your journal).

Jun. 2nd, 2007

  • 1:00 AM
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I was just thinking about my fic writing habits, and started to wonder... when did I last write Sam/Jack? I had to check, and the last fics / ficlets I've written have been, from most recent and working backwards -
  • Sam/Daniel
  • gen
  • gen
  • gen
  • Jack/Teal'c, Sam/Daniel, Daniel/Jonas
  • Sam/Cam
  • gen
  • Jack/Felger (!!!)
  • gen
  • gen
  • And, finally, Sam/Jack

I haven't written Sam/Jack since April. APRIL! And I didn't sign up for the [profile] sjficathon, either, because of time, other ficathons I want to do ([profile] gateverse_remix  and [community profile] apocalypse_kree), and the idea that I might write, oh, something of my own choice, sometime soon (hahaha).
Why am I not writing Sam/Jack? I still go on and on about it in other peoples' ljs. What's happened? Am I sick? *checks pulse, checks temperature, frets*

Must go write Sam/Jack immediately. Any requests?

edit: *squee!* On-going commment fic that is cuter than a basketful of puppies!
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Okay, last post (sorry, I've been totally spamming you all today).

Title: It's A Tough Job, But Somebody Has To Do It
Author: Pepper
Rating: G
Featured Character(s): Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c
Pairing(s): None
Summary: It's a tough life, being on SG-1.
A/N: I've done this trick before, but hey – wishful thinking time.

 edit: w00t! Now with comment fic from [personal profile] holdouttrout(and more to come, yay!).

Random stuff in my brain

  • May. 16th, 2007 at 10:15 AM
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It had to happen sometime. Animation lesson yesterday went a little pear-shaped. I managed to do... something... which meant the figure I'd spent the last 45 minutes designing ceased to exist. Except I could still see it. But I couldn't alter it or select it or do anything other than click repeatedly on it and growl, "Why? Why is there no object selected? It's RIGHT THERE! I'm SELECTING IT NOW!"
Whatever I did, I did it so thoroughly that even the tutor couldn't fix it. Sigh. At least when I screw up, I really screw up. *g*
(It was no great loss to Art, but it's annoying because we're supposed to use the thing we made this week in next week's lesson. I may try and recreate it at home – hopefully without pressing the Look-But-Don't-Touch button, this time. I wish I could figure out what I did, so I'd know what to avoid next time.)
And in other random caps, I HAVE HAD A PROPER IDEA FOR MY SDFICATHON STORY. *hugs idea tightly*. All other ideas seemed to die a death at round about the 500 word mark (I've easily got a thousand words plus of half-baked ideas, but I suspect someone might object if I submitted that *g). I'm going to get it done. I know I am. *checks new deadline nervously* Yeah. I can do it.
I want to post something creative. It feels like it's been a while. Okay, there have been fic snippets, but nothing... nothing big that I've come up with the idea, worked on over some time, finished, polished, sent to a beta, re-edited... all that stuff. I miss the perspiration part of writing - it's all been fleeting inspiration stuff of late.
I'm going to go get some breakfast. Anyone want a cuppa?

edit: Oh! I forgot to say, I got my MacGyver season 4 yesterday (at last). Reactions so far: I don't like what they've done with the theme tune, it's funny (but slightly sad) to watch him with Terri Hatcher, and I don't think the kid they got to play Young MacGyver looked much like him. And I think RDA would have made a good theatre actor (except for the not-memorising-his-lines thing) - he comes across as really exaggerated on camera, sometimes. Uses his whole body to express himself. Emotions writ large on his face.

Christmas party reel fic

  • Apr. 2nd, 2007 at 5:27 PM
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Okay, there's nothing actually Christmassy about this - it's just the best idea I've had in a long time... because it brings the fic to me! YES! YESSSS!!!

It's the reel that's shown at the SGC Christmas party, in order to humiliate and embarrass as many people as possible.

Oh yes.

So far, I've written the original prompt[personal profile] crazedturkeywrote fic, I wrote a follow-up, and [profile] linnet_101, [profile] niamaea, and [personal profile] holdouttroutwrote comment fic (scroll down - I couldn't work out how to link to each individual comment fic).

I'm still trying to come up with ideas (McKay! Invisible Jack! Urgo! Teal'c doing a little Elvis dance of triumph!), and if anyone else feels like joining the fun, please feel free. It's like little writing snacks. So moreish. *g* 

And I wonder who did the editing? The SGC security guys? Walter? Hammond? I'm thinking Siler, but that's 'cause I love Siler.

*steeples hands like Burns* Eeeexcellent.

edit: w00t! More comment fic! More from [personal profile] crazedturkey (scroll down in this post), and [profile] sjfan (on the follow-up link, above).

Mar. 29th, 2007

  • 11:50 AM
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More exerpts from the SGC Christmas party reel (for original post, see here):


There will be further silliness as and when I think of it. This is good to do on my journey home, I've discovered.

edit: Whee! Now with comment fic from [profile] linnet_101!

edit2: And more comment fic from [profile] niamaea! This is the best idea I've had yet - the fic is coming to me. *g*

edit3: *does dance of glee at own cleverness in coming up with a way to bring the fic to me* [personal profile] holdouttrout wrote me comment fic too! *hugs*

edit4: [profile] sjfan has joined in the fun, too, with some Janet fic! *glees*

Mar. 27th, 2007

  • 3:57 PM
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I had a thought (it happens sometimes): the reel that's shown at every SGC Christmas party, and which is mentioned in fanon many times. We should write this. By 'we', I mean I don't want to do it on my own I have three so far, but they're mostly just silly pratfalls -I'm sure there must be people out there with much funnier ideas. And they're delightfully snack-sized. Go on, just the one...

Oh, and it sort of fits with the fact that it's April Fool's Day this coming Sunday, too. 

So here are mine, to start. If you'd like to join in, you're welcome to post it as comment fic (because that would be love), or on your own lj (please let me know so I can read it, though!). Or this could all be collected... somewhere... I dunno, I haven't thought it through that clearly.

Eesh. This is why I never volunteer to be a mod. I'm not cut out for organisation.

Stuntman )



Anyone else want to have a go?

edit: Eeee! [personal profile] crazedturkey  wrote me fic! And it's so funny! *runs off, chortling*

edit2: Now with follow-ups and comment fic

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