Nov. 28th, 2008

  • 3:41 PM
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Today, I bought tickets for a play - something I reallyreally want to go see. A and I always get tickets to something in the new year, you see. Post-holidays, January looks like a long, hard slog, and February even worse, so we need something to brighten our winter.

In previous years we've been to see Return To The Forbidden Planet (space monsters from the Id ftw), The Play What I Wrote (fabulous play about Morecambe and Wise, a little like seeing them live), The Woman In Black (skeeery!), Rock 'n' Roll (highly intellectual and verbose Tom Stoppard play, all about Czechoslovakia and Pink Floyd and the Velvet Revolution), and, last year, The First Emperor (British Museum exhibition about the first emperor of China - Terracotta Army, omg). Plus some other things that I've forgotten, probably. This year, we're not going until well into the Spring, which is sad, but it's something awesome, and it's not on until then. And I can't tell you what it is, because A could read this.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to it. :)


I've been poking about with my friends filters, because I seemed to have several that basically had the same people in them, and some that were for a short-term purpose only, so if you suddenly have access / don't have access to old posts, you a) probably won't notice, but b) can tell me if you really want to see something or other.


Last night, I dreamed I was the young Charles Dickens. WTF? I don't even like Dickens. Can't I dream about being, I dunno, Louisa May Alcott, instead? Also, I don't think he did live in an orphanage and have adventures.


[ profile] redial_the_gate  rewatch tonight, watching Small Victories, woohoo! The second time in two episodes that Daniel helplessly witnesses his friends effect a last-minute escape using an Asgard beam. Rather stressful for the poor lamb. Still, he's probably given them ulcers, too, with his complete disregard for his own personal safety in the face of Injustice.

Verbal pottering

  • Nov. 27th, 2008 at 7:57 PM
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Random possibly-but-also-possibly-not-a-Stargate-reference moment of the day: Just watching reruns of My Name Is Earl. Beau Bridges, as daddy Earl, remarked, "You know, I ran into John Sheppard today. He said Earl came in to pay for a window he broke fifteen years ago." I just checked on IMDb, and the episode ('Cost Dad The Election') aired a few months after he started in Stargate.

Oh! And now Friends is on, and Peter Deluise and pal are bullying Chandler and Ross. Heh.


I got home early from work today, and curled up on the bed to read a movie magazine, and got sleepy, and then A came and curled up next to me with his head on my back, and we napped for almost two hours. It was very nice.


I wish that new film wasn't called Frost/Nixon. Because I've been hanging around fandom too long, and urgh. I bet it's already out there, isn't it? No, don't tell me; I don't want to know.


Why, exactly, are the 12" Stargate action figures only available as Jack, Daniel, and Cam? I'm deeply unimpressed with your white boy bias, toy manufacturers (although I do also get that you're probably reusing the same base, and just sticking a new head on). I'm told they're rather ugly, too.


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If you had to choose between --

a) a life on a spaceship (with artificial gravity and all that scifi jazz - think of, say, a Goa'uld mothership) and the freedom to go anywhere in the universe, but you were an exile from Earth - people back on Earth could contact you, but only rarely, and they might get in trouble for it. They can leave and visit you, but they might be arrested when they came back. There's a whole universe of planets out there, but they're not all nice. And you have a crew.

Or --

b) a life on Earth that was powerful, rich, and comfortable, with a job you love, position, rank, duties which it is your honour to fulfil, but no freedom to just drop everything and go...

Which would you choose?

(For those who know where this question comes from, no copying Miles. *g* Which would you find more fulfilling?)

(Edited for clarification.)


Jul. 31st, 2008

  • 9:49 AM
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I went river swimming yesterday, with [personal profile] triskellian ! It was lovely - just the sort of day when you look at a body of cool, fresh water and think, "Damn, I wish I could jump in right now." There were a very few other people there, but it was mostly quiet, and green, and calm. It felt very Edwardian, splashing about in the leafy Thames, with painted houseboats, and geese, and nekkid young men (omg) frolicking downriver. I would love to get one of those Edwardian swimsuits, hee.

When I jumped in (steep, slippery bank), it wasn't particularly cold, but enough to take my breath away so I could only talk...! in gasps...! like Captain Kirk...! for a few....! minutes....! Also, the river bed was squidgy and nasty. I need to get some swimming shoes, because I'm definitely going again.

Oxford: City Of Trying New Stuff And Finding Out It's A Lot Of Fun, Really, Don't Worry About Weil's.



This icon always makes me want to go to the loo, [personal profile] surreallis . *g* 

It's the time of the season...

  • Jul. 25th, 2008 at 2:48 PM
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I had some time this morning (I love covering Reception), so I updated my fic post, the one stapled to the top of my LJ (is there a technical term for that?). Wow, I have a lot of Stargate fic. And damn that took me ages. I added up wordcounts, and I've got around 90,000 story words on my LJ. Yikes. I think maybe I'll make some backdated posts and put my X-Men and Terminator and other misc. fanfic on here, too. Just because I like having all those words in one place.

I'm all itchy today. It's muggy, and there's lots of insects around, and they're making me twitchy. Gah. It's not helping that I'm really tired. Need moar sleep. I need to take a nap before the [profile] redial_the_gaterewatch tonight (Point Of View!), or I'm going to be useless.

I have the Zombies on my brain today. Uh, the sixties band, that is, because I was listening to them yesterday. I like the Zombies. Also the Animals, the Kinks - looooooooove the Kinks - and the Troggs. If I'd been around in that era, I'd totally have hung out in smoky blues clubs, and worn blue denim and a black beret. Or I'd have wanted to, anyhow.


*fails to have anything interesting to say*

Can I go laze on a sunny afternoon now?


Some fannish things.

  • Apr. 1st, 2008 at 12:57 PM
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What do you think is the point of selling books on the Amazon marketplace for £0.01? Is it the £2.75 postage and packing? Or are they trying to clear space? Anyhow, I've ordered the first several Stargate books, because £2.76 is still very cheap. I've enjoyed all those I've read so far (A Matter Of Honor, The Cost Of Honor, Roswell, and especially Sacrifice Moon), although [profile] shutthef_uptells me I may have been lucky in my choices. What the hell - I read umpteen Star Trek novels when I was a kid, varying in quality, and the Stargate novels definitely live up to those. Incidentally, has anyone else read How Much For Just The Planet? It's one of my all-time favourites. "This is my Spock officer, Commander Science, and this is Doctor McKay, I mean McCoy." Did Kirk say McKay there, or am I remembering that wrong? I must dig it up and find out.

Meme, snurched from [personal profile] stargazercmc

Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the "50 Greatest TV Shows" ever. So, of course, LJ-ers leaped upon the opportunity and made it into a meme.

a. Bold the shows of which you've watched every episode.
b. Italic the shows of which you've seen at least one episode.
c. Post your answers.


Speaking of things being all about the hair - which we weren't - just what was Jack doing before this scene (from The Tok'ra pt. 1)? His hair looks like it's making an escape attempt. 



"I babbled incoherently."

  • Mar. 20th, 2008 at 11:24 AM
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I'm not going to do the whole Stargate meme currently going around, because my answers are so similar to a lot of other people's that I can't be bothered (*g*), but I had a couple of thoughts, which I shall now tell you. Aren't you lucky? 

I've noticed that most (all?) people seem to be choosing to be Tok'ra rather than Jaffa, and that interested me. I kind of thought everyone hated - or at least thoroughly disliked - the Tok'ra. It's not a straightforward question, though - I think it would depend on Jaffa when - before or after the rebellion? Because after... well, although building a new society and altering the programming you've had since birth ("You will obey your god!") sounds kind of tiresome, they're a lot more fun than the Tok'ra. And you don't have to have a symbiote - although that would mean being dependent on tretonin, which would also suck. Hm. The idea of having a symbiote does kind of intrigue me - I'm not as against it as, say, Jack. You could sit around for hours, cracking yourself up. :) Before the rebellion, definitely Tok'ra.

I was also thinking about my favourite SG-1 episode. This varies, but at the moment it's Heroes (both parts, because picking just one doesn't work). It's all about the characters. There is action, but it's almost incidental - no one really cares about why SG-13 is under fire offworld (do they?). The sheer amount of great moments is just amazing - Daniel making the camera crew chase him, grieving for Janet, hiding in the infirmary, giving Bregman the tape, visiting the new baby... Sam and her petrified expression when being introduced to the people of Earth, her "It's really cool. Steam comes out of it and everything", her moment with Jack, her trying to write a speech, her voice wobbling when she gives the speech... Teal'c refusing to speak in his interview, and then later helping Sam find the right words... Daniel, Teal'c and Sam all refusing to cooperate with Woolsey's interrogation... Jack being a smartass for Bregman, through to him being serious and sober (omg so very sober) when finally sitting down to be interviewed... Hammond is General-y and takes care of his people, but lets his opinion be changed by Bregman's sincerity. Bregman rocked, IMO - quite the most well-rounded guest character they've ever had. Kinsey is there, and Jack gets to yell at him, but everyone is being so awesome that I almost forget. Janet... oh, Janet. She gets a love interest, she gets to show her humour and her intelligence and her quiet professionalism, she gets to go offworld, and everyone gets to show how much they love her. 

The whole thing just grabs me and gives me goosebumps, even reading the transcript. I can't watch it too often because it's a bit much. And hey, any episode that I can love this much, even when Jack is missing for a large chunk of it, has to be doing something right. :)

Er, no - there isn't a point to this ramble, other than "OMG I love Heroes!!1!!111!"

(Still no news. *chews nails*) 

ETA: I knew this was coming, and yet I still managed to forget to include it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABYSSIS! But more about that later... ;)

Oh, Monday...

  • Mar. 17th, 2008 at 12:12 PM
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Dudes. I'm so glad the main wave of Ark of Truth reviews is (surely) over. It's not so much the avoiding of spoilers - I'm admiring how thorough everyone is being with that, by the way – but just that you've all been talking about that, and I'm booooooooooored! I have nothing to read! Bah. *is self-centred and should probably not spend so much time pressing refresh on lj anyway*


Hey, hi, how are ya?

  • Mar. 4th, 2008 at 1:55 PM
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Oh-ho-ho. I love garlic. I love it lots. But this hummus (houmous? hummous? whatever) of wot I have just eaten about a teaspoon and then given up... no. Too much! I do not want all my subsequent food to taste of garlic! It does not go well with yoghurt, honey and muesli. Nor tea. It goes particularly badly with tea. Bleh.

I wonder if lemon drizzle cake will get rid of the taste. Got to be worth a try.

I do hugely appreciate all the kind feedback I've had on my recent fics, and I will get to replying. I just... I'm in the mood to put fic out there and vanish into the night again. Like a fic ninja. You know? So, think of my fic as my inarticulate way of expressing my love for you all. :)

I have made myself a 'My fandom... does it in tents' T-shirt. Now I want to paint things on all my T-shirts. I have to restrain myself. I've gone through phases of that in the past, and ended up with nothing to wear that didn't have something embarrassingly geeky painted on it. Or the time I got into dying clothes - everything I owned was one shade of green. It was kind of like being a cartoon character. 

Still, just one more T-shirt won't hurt...

I tidied my kitchen this Saturday just gone. Well, 'blitzed' might be a better word - well, except that implies destruction and devastation, and really, the opposite is true... Anyhow, I cleared out a ton of stuff - all the tupperware that I've mysteriously acquired over the years (from my mum? at Christmas?) that didn't have tops or had gone all sticky, and the old blender that never worked very well, and those hideous plates that A was given and which have never been used, and... etc. I've got to make a trip to a charity shop in the near future. I'm not sure what to do with the stuff that's not charity-shop worthy, though. It seems a bit wrong to just chuck it in the bin, but I can't think what else to do with it.

No news on the job front, as yet. 

I have made myself the perfect icon for when I don't have the perfect icon. My obsessive completism knows no bounds.

(The title of this post. When does Jack say that? Help me, fangirls, you're my only hope...)


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I love Big Bang Theory! I'm no good at watching shows once a week, but I'm going to try to remember to catch it. I spent most of the episode giggling like a looney - partly because it was all so weirdly familiar. Although it was sadly lacking in girl geeks, as was mentioned when it first came out.

In other news, I shouldn't be allowed to dress myself. Yesterday, I decided to wear something nice, so I took out a nice skirt I don't often wear – cream-coloured linen, with a kind of asymmetric scrunched effect and a petticoat, kind of old-fashioned sweet. I feel weird wearing dark tops with light bottoms, so I dug out a nice white top. Put it on, looked in the mirror, and realised – OH MY GOD, I look like I'm dressed for a wedding. Suffice to say, I changed quickly into something a little less mad. Roll on summer, when I can wear pale colours without feeling like a freak. Today, I'm dressed like a ladybird. *eyeroll*

What else... People, if any of you are coming to the [profile] redial_the_gate AIM chat tonight (watching Message In A Bottle, w00t!), don't let me hang around afterwards. I have to be at my mum's at 9am tomorrow, to help her move to Worcester (which is a long way away). I cannot stay awake until 3am and also be compos mentis tomorrow, as sadly my aging 30-year-old body doesn't allow it.

Now I must get back to writing the third and fourth instalments of my six-part Sam/Mac commentfic story work.

ETA: Just noticed I've been tagged by [personal profile] aoife_hime. So, 10 things that recently made me happy:


Pepperis Domesticus

  • Jan. 27th, 2008 at 10:58 PM
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Had a busy Sunday. I went for a jog, then went round the shops with A, came back, had a shower, did laundry, had some lunch, wrote some apocafic *does dance*, went back to supermarket for all the things I'd forgotten the first time (I blame the jogging), came back, did a second load of laundry, baked cookies (mmm, peanut butter and pecan and walnut and chocolate chip), helped A make vegetable tempura for dinner (not a great success, but okay - will work on it), watched CSI and played on the 'Net, made a Quorn and veg cheesey-mash-topped bake thingy for tomorrow's dinner, did mountains of washing up, and... well, that's quite enough for one day, I think. Phew.

And our TV has caught a case of Sudden Death, woe. Fortunately we have a second TV to tide us over, but it's tiny (and a strange shade of lilac - given to us by A's mum) - it's like being back in the 80s! *g* It's not high on my list of priorities to sort out. I have things I'd much rather save for, and I'd like to buy a flatscreen TV, later in the year / next year. *sigh* Anyhow, I'm investigating the joys of Freecycle, so I may not have to suffer the Tiny Lilac TV for long.

Um, yes. That's my Sunday. A fairly typical Sunday for me, in case you were interested. Hope you're all enjoying your weekends.

(I'm NOT letting myself do the writing meme until I've actually done a bit more writing.)


Things of niceness.

  • Jan. 25th, 2008 at 2:47 PM
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10 things that make me happy (gakked from [personal profile] aurora_novarum). A nice thing to do on a Friday.

Okay, my idea: I'd like to go to the British Museum more often, because it's just around the corner, plus I really ought to step away from my desk for my hour's lunchbreak, if I can. So I was thinking, to force encourage me to do this, I will offer my Stargate fic services. 

Take a look at the museum's rooms here: Ground floor , Lower floor , Upper floor ...and pick a room number (or just choose a random number between 1 – 94). Comment with the number, and your preference of pairing or gen (bearing in mind that I've only watched half of season 1 of Atlantis, and haven't seen season 10 of SG-1). I will then go to that room, and write at least 100 words of fic based on something I see in there.

Whaddya think?  

ETA: Okay, thank you! No more prompts for the moment, although I may reopen it for prompts again in the future. I'd love to have done a fic for every room in the whole museum, some day...

Gen Fic Day!

  • Jan. 11th, 2008 at 1:48 PM
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[profile] sg_fignewton is hosting a Gen Fic Day this coming Sunday - fics, commentfics, recs – anything, so long as it's gen. Hug a gen fan!

Next week I am going to see the Tutankhamun exhibition, woohoo! I can't wait. Canopic jars here I come.

And I'm in a thinky mood lately, and at the moment it's about advertising vs. information and discussion of interesting and relevant topics. What do you consider to be advertising, and where do you draw a line? If you were on an art history comm, say, and someone started talking about the paintings they did, copies of classic Impressionist paintings - would you think that was relevant to the comm? Or, how about if the artist did those paintings for a company that commercially produced artworks for sale - would you be more interested in hearing about their thoughts on Cézanne? Would you think the art history comm should allow the artist to describe their art, or post pictures of a commerically-for-sale collection of their and their colleagues' paintings and suggest that people might want to acquire them? Would you expect the artist to choose a post such as "Please talk about the work you produce here" as a place to post their comment, or would you think it was acceptable in any post that mentioned, say, Impressionist art? 

Just curious.

p.s. This is NOT about anyone on my flist! Or, for that matter, anyone on my friends' flists. 

Oct. 19th, 2007

  • 4:13 PM
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I wish I could use the phrase "It's not what you said, it's how you said it," without it sounding like a complete cliche. Either that, or I need to remember the training I went on about high- and low-context people, and how to cope with them - because the emails I've been getting today from The Annoying Man In Facilities are just so... GRAH. Perhaps he can't express himself very well - but "Do you want me to do it then?" just comes across as hostile to me. Maybe I'm reading into it. 

High-context and low-context, in case you're wondering, is about how people talk. High-context people, when asked a question, will give you the answer, and all the surrounding reasons, plus the history of the building, what they had for breakfast this morning, and how their mother's operation went. Low-context people will give you the exact answer to what you asked - nothing more. Both can be difficult to deal with - sometimes you just want a simple "yes" or "no", and not all the reasons for that decision, because you just want to get the email sent and go home, please. And sometimes you need to know a little more than "yes" or "no", and having to drag every bit of information can be like pulling teeth.

It helped me deal with certain people at my previous work - one woman in particular would only give a direct, brusque answer, and I used to find her incredibly rude. But I learnt to see it as just the way she talks, and I could deal with it without taking it personally. (She was, actually, kind of rude, but I think some of that was in response to how other people reacted to her - she probably lived in a world of bad attitudes, and didn't realise she was bringing a lot of that upon herself.)

I started out with a point... Oh, yes: written communication is just as bad, if not worse, as most people aren't trained to express themselves emotionally through their writing. People on LJ are pretty good, but I think that's because it's pretty writing-centric. But people day-to-day don't necessarily know how their writing makes them appear.

I still think this guy is being rude to me, though.


See y'all later for the AIM [profile] redial_the_gateHathor rewatch, eh?


Checking in

  • Sep. 25th, 2007 at 1:55 PM
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I feel like I've not been around much lately. It's not exactly true; I have been lurking, and posting comments in other people's journals, but I've been much less verbose in my own lj. Lack of fannish energy at the moment. Anything I do have, I'm trying to concentrate it in my [profile] reel_sg1  fic, which I have a hope of finishing on time, despite the fact that it's surprisingly long. I think that's because I've kind of got a structure there to work from - i.e. the film for which I'm doing the crossover.

That's my brain for today.


London life

  • Sep. 21st, 2007 at 3:42 PM
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I keep meaning to post this - [profile] shinysilvergrl  came to visit these fair isles, and we met up, and it was fun! It was so lovely to meet an LJ person in, ah, person, for the first time. It turned out neither of us was an axe murderer, presumably to the relief of our respective partners (who, bless them, were worrying). We had a wander around Covent Garden, and some food in a noisy pub, and a wander around one of my favourite shops (Forbidden Planet, oh the geeky goodies). It was... well, liberating, quite frankly, to be able to drop names like Jack O'Neill into the conversation without getting blank looks. *g* And we talked about writing fic, and how we respond to feedback, and all that sort of stuff. Whee! Look, I can claim LJ as a legitimate friend-making thingy, now, and not just a tool for sucking up all my time!

I was reminded by the return to London of the Terracotta Army, that I once went to see it, many years ago. I remember it made a big impression on me (and I'm definitely going to see it again, whilst it's here - one day, I'd love to go see the whole thing in situ). I looked up past exhibitions - and apparently they haven't been to London since 1981. I'm amazed I can remember it - I would have been three or four years old. I remember there were red and black walls, and the weather was cold, and the statues were very tall and scary. Years later, I could still remember some of the stuff I was told about how it was discovered by accident, when local farmers drilling for a well broke through into a vast, underground tomb, full of an entire army of life-size terracotta figures - every one individual. The figures are eerie and imposing, and when I was little I thought they looked like they were ready to move, any moment. If an exhibition of it ever comes around your way, I highly recommend going.

We've also got Tutankhamun's treasure coming to London soon - I plan to go see that, too. I'll be having a very Daniel-esque Autumn. *g*

Not an LJ autopost.

  • Aug. 29th, 2007 at 1:14 PM
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ETA: I'm now the owner of Stargate Atlantis season 1, and a more serene outlook on life.


Mmm, cherry.

  • Aug. 20th, 2007 at 1:59 PM
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Wow. I do love the flavours of American cold remedies better than UK ones (why do we not have apple & cinnamon in the UK? It's not fair), but they knock me out. Just taken a Theraflu strip, and I'm in a cherry-flavoured world of my own. Should've taken the non-drowsy with me, but I didn't think to check it, this morning. More prevention than cure – I've got that beginning-of-a-cold feeling, and if I catch it quickly, I might be able to mostly avoid it. Bloody commuting, though. And aircon. Bah. People are horrible germ-bags.
Apocafic plan has grown more complex again. Every time I think I've pruned it back to a sensible size, a size which will enable me to write the story I want to the (already belated) timescale, I start adding more stuff. I really want to get it perfect, though. Theoretically, it's only going to be around 5 - 6000 words long, which isn't all that much – so long as I stick to that plan. I think my soul bit is happier with Jenn, anyhow. It (almost) never gets to write smut with me.
I've very rudely not been replying to comments lately. Sorry 'bout that. I am reading them, and will start with the replying again soon - I'm just not altogether here, brain-wise, atm.
I was going to say something else, but I've forgotten what.
Crivens, I'd better go take the catering request down. Am going to be glared at.

I think my ears have gone funny. It's all quiet here.
*wanders off, dazedly* 

Great Balls Of Fire

  • Aug. 12th, 2007 at 5:40 PM
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Ack. [community profile] apocalypse_kree stories are starting to go up (not to mention all those delicious Sam/Jack stories already posted for the [profile] sjficathon).

Must. Not. Read. Yet.

Must. Write. Own. Apocafic.

I'm back to hating my own apocafic, unfortunately, and really, really wanting to start over again. Theoretically, I could easily write 1,000 words as a new thing, but I don't want to quit the story I am writing - partly because I do actually love the parts of it that are still in my head, and partly because I don't want to write something throw-away for this ficathon.

But then again, often when I do stop trying to force myself to write a story that just isn't working, and write something completely new, it turns out to be a much better thing.


On a completely other note: For those in the Northern hemisphere, the Perseid meteorite shower should be at it's most visible tonight (barring clouds). NASA estimate 1 to 2 'shooting stars' per minute at the shower's height (the very early hours of Monday morning). Should be visible to the naked eye (well, the naked eye with glasses, in my case, but you know what I mean). I'm going to go look, and yes, I'm going to be thinking of A Hundred Days. :)

Poll results

  • Aug. 10th, 2007 at 12:46 PM
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Okay, pencils down. Time for the results of my daft little poll (whee, Excel is fun!):

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