Jun. 19th, 2007

  • 10:34 PM
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Last day of my course. Was there from 6 - 9.30 this evening. After work. 


But woo and yay for it, anyhow. I'm going to try to take some time off and go in to play work on the computers, as our tutor has said we can. I have an idea for a project - and yes, it is Stargate-based. *g* But that seems to be the best way to learn a programme - see what [personal profile] greenpearis doing.

We have someone coming early tomorrow to fix our shower, which is apparently in danger of blowing up... or something, I wasn't really listening. Kaboom.

Oh, Doctor Who... predictable, and yet still fun. How have they done that? I think it's the actors they chose - I'm most impressed with both of 'em. Can't wait for next week.

Now I must go before I fall asleep on the keyboard. 


Jun. 13th, 2007

  • 1:15 PM
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I haven't squeed about my course lately. Mainly because, for the last two lessons (which are once a week), our usual tutor was away. We had someone who claimed to be "just as knowledgeable". That may well have been the case, but his ability to communicate that knowledge was non-existent, so we spent the lessons pootling around with the programme. Which, y'know, is all well and good as a learning method (that's pretty much how I learnt Photoshop), but I have the programme downloaded onto my laptop at home. I can pootle in my spare time. Bah.

But anyhow, yesterday, Juan - the regular tutor - was back, and there was much rejoicing (in my brain, anyhow - the class is pretty quiet and subdued). We learnt about how to create a curve that can be rotated so you get something that's symmetrical, all the way around. I made a table lamp that lit up. *g*

I'm definitely getting to grips with the basics. And the good thing is, now I'm not moving house, I'm able to go in to the college during the summer, after the course has finished. Juan said we could just call him and ask if it was okay to use the computers. Whee! I'll definitely have to take him up on that, if I can get some free time.

In fannish news, I can't concentrate. I have lots of new shinies, and that's not a very good idea. There's the 

[profile] gateverse_remix that I must get done (once I've finished my 'research' - i.e. watching certain eps). There's the Sam/Daniel cutefest with [profile] abyssinia4077 that I want to write more for. There's a project me, [personal profile] geneeste, and [profile] vickyocean have tentatively started (I'm all about the collaboration, lately). And yesterday, [profile] vickyocean  mentioned a plot bunny to me, and now all I want to write is a Stargate western. Gah! Must. Concentrate. On. One. Thing. At. A. Time.

Oh, and I must must must email / phone my rl friend Vick. Because she emailed me ages ago and I didn't reply. Very bad me. Sorry, Vick, if you're reading this - I did get it, and I will reply! I swear! :)


Random stuff in my brain

  • May. 16th, 2007 at 10:15 AM
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It had to happen sometime. Animation lesson yesterday went a little pear-shaped. I managed to do... something... which meant the figure I'd spent the last 45 minutes designing ceased to exist. Except I could still see it. But I couldn't alter it or select it or do anything other than click repeatedly on it and growl, "Why? Why is there no object selected? It's RIGHT THERE! I'm SELECTING IT NOW!"
Whatever I did, I did it so thoroughly that even the tutor couldn't fix it. Sigh. At least when I screw up, I really screw up. *g*
(It was no great loss to Art, but it's annoying because we're supposed to use the thing we made this week in next week's lesson. I may try and recreate it at home – hopefully without pressing the Look-But-Don't-Touch button, this time. I wish I could figure out what I did, so I'd know what to avoid next time.)
And in other random caps, I HAVE HAD A PROPER IDEA FOR MY SDFICATHON STORY. *hugs idea tightly*. All other ideas seemed to die a death at round about the 500 word mark (I've easily got a thousand words plus of half-baked ideas, but I suspect someone might object if I submitted that *g). I'm going to get it done. I know I am. *checks new deadline nervously* Yeah. I can do it.
I want to post something creative. It feels like it's been a while. Okay, there have been fic snippets, but nothing... nothing big that I've come up with the idea, worked on over some time, finished, polished, sent to a beta, re-edited... all that stuff. I miss the perspiration part of writing - it's all been fleeting inspiration stuff of late.
I'm going to go get some breakfast. Anyone want a cuppa?

edit: Oh! I forgot to say, I got my MacGyver season 4 yesterday (at last). Reactions so far: I don't like what they've done with the theme tune, it's funny (but slightly sad) to watch him with Terri Hatcher, and I don't think the kid they got to play Young MacGyver looked much like him. And I think RDA would have made a good theatre actor (except for the not-memorising-his-lines thing) - he comes across as really exaggerated on camera, sometimes. Uses his whole body to express himself. Emotions writ large on his face.

May. 9th, 2007

  • 10:49 AM
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edit: For anyone who did the lj mojo meme, be warned: the nasty little asshats have replaced the results picture - and are using the data - for all the good it'll do.  http://d1rtyf1lthy.livejournal.com/257310.html

Apr. 18th, 2007

  • 8:59 AM
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I totally ROOL at Maya. I'm just sayin'. 


Spamity spam, wonderful spam

  • Apr. 17th, 2007 at 1:10 PM
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Okay, I am going to multiple post today, because I'm all excited (but apparently not enough to remember I planned to post about this, earlier - d'oh!). My animation course starts today! Woohoo! 

It's an evening course, 2 hours a week for 10 weeks. I'll be learning how to use Maya software, which does 3D wireframe modelling and animation. It's the package used (apparently) by Pixar, and is also used on South Park, Futurama (for the 3D bits), and various games, such as Resident Evil. It's also been used in films such as King Kong, The Chronicles of Narnia, War Of The Worlds... I'm vey excited.

Also, fuck me if there isn't a job going for 3D Artist on Stargate SG1 / Atlantis. Required skills? Lightwave 3D, Maya, Tracking, Modeling, Animation. Unfortunately, it's at the other side of the world. And, of course, I've not actually learnt any Maya yet. *g* Still - all those commentaries that I thought were OMG boring, being all about the SFX? So going to go back and listen to them all again. Ooh! I can learn how to animate a wormhole puddle! *is hopping up and down with glee*

No, I didn't apply for the course because of Stargate - I'm not quite that bad. Not quite.  *g* I've always had an interest in animation - Stargate is just a bonus bit of excitement.

p.s. This is the list of benefits for the Stargate job - heh:

-Regular Hours
-Comfy Chairs
-Paid Overtime
-A fridge full of snacks, food and drink
-Trips to set
-Direct contact with Producers and Visual Effects Supervisors
-A relaxed environment with great people
-Cool sequences to work on
-The chance to learn and grow as an artist.


Boring whinge about work stuff

  • Feb. 1st, 2007 at 1:53 PM
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edit: w00t! Ages ago - so long ago that I'd practically forgotten about it - I ordered some Stargate action figures. Black Ops Jack turned up in time for Christmas, but Sam and Black Ops Teal'c hadn't been released yet (I did order Daniel, too, but he wasn't in stock - will have to look on Ebay). And just now I had a call from my dad, saying the postman has left a collection card for something too big to fit through the letterbox... 


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