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Snuff and the apocalypse

  • Oct. 18th, 2011 at 9:29 AM
pepper: There are only two ways a child can go with a name like Pippin Galadriel Moonchild, and Pepper had chosen the other one. (Good Omens Pepper)
It occurs to me that Young Sam (Vimes) is going to grow up to be Benton Fraser. The policework, the love of animals, the scatalogical fascination... Plus you know he's going to have perfect manners, with an underlying devious streak a mile wide.

And a pet dragon, probably.

Loved the book, as always, although it had flaws. I loved that Sybil was around for large parts of it, that Young Sam is growing up, that there were quite a few female characters - including two writers - and that Vimes gets to have a boots-on-the-ground adventure again. Loved the goblins, and all the unggue stuff.

OTOH, I felt the ending tailed off a bit, and it felt very odd that we never met the main villain. The enslaved goblins were freed, and then... what? And if the intention was to parody/pastiche a few genres, it didn't really do them in any depth - I would have loved to see more of Vimes in Jane Austen land, or Vimes deals with a country house murder mystery, or Vimes vs. Mark Twain. And going back and forth to Quirm was breaking my brain, although it probably didn't help that I was reading it late at night. Because I couldn't put it down, natch. :)

OMG, I've just realised - is this a reimagining of Pterry's first every story? Because that, so legend tells us, was Jane Austen with orcs.


If there was one part of my memory I would lose without regret, it would be the part that remembers The Road by Cormac McCarthy and likes to spring it on me at random moments. Not that it's a bad book - it's just miserable.

Me, this morning: Gosh, it's crisp and cold, a perfect autumn morning! I wish I'd brought a scarf to snuggle into.
Brain: Remember how the father and son had to huddle together for warmth in The Road?
Me: No! No, not now...
Brain: Remember how they had to carry all their stuff on a shopping trolley, and when it rained, everything they owned got soaked through?
Me: NO! I'm not listening!
Brain: Remember the handful of tins they carried in the trolley, that were all they had for food?
Brain: Remember how they found a big house and thought they might find food there?
Me: No, don't go there, please, I'm begging you...
Brain: Remember the cellar?

The cellar. The cellar was a bad moment. But the one it most likes to spring on me is even worse. Ironically, given that Pterry is my happy place, that worst bit was heavily triggered by something in 'Snuff'. It's also set off my "we're all gonna diiiiiiiiiiiie!" zombie nightmares again. Ugh.

I r a delikat flowr.

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